Abury & Romanian artisans (in association with the Mihai Eminescu Trust)

Based in Germany, social enterprise Abury worked closely with the Mihai Eminescu Trust in Romania to harness the traditional skills of the local craftspeople.

Ana Rajcevic, Erpro & Smart-Fit-In

Germany-based artist Ana Rajcevic and French 3D printers Erpro have collaborated to create a range of bespoke 3D printed prosthetic limb covers intended to be beautiful and elegant products which challenge the way disability is seen and experienced.

Apologie and Les Bijoux

French shoe designer Apologie and Italian jewellery manufacturer Les Bijoux have come together to create a range of shoe accessories. The final product is a new line of jewellery accessories designed to decorate their range of fun and colourful shoes.

Arpin & Steve Mono

French woollen blanket manufacturer Arpin, whose speciality woven artisanal fabrics date back to the 19th century, have collaborated with Steve Mono, a Spanish bag and accessories brand which practices ethical production, working with artisans and natural materials.

C.J.Carstens & Maille Création

Netherlands-based fur design company C J Carstens and French knitwear manufacturer Maille Création have come together to create a range of fur knitwear.

Deltracon & Bonnie Kirkwood

Belgian upholstery fabric weavers Deltracon and British textile designer Bonnie Kirkwood have collaborated to create a range of apparel fabrics and trimmings.

Elasta, UHasselt & Neffa

Netherlands-based textiles manufacturer Elasta has collaborated with tech company Neffa and the world renowned research unit at University of Hasselt in Belgium to create light emitting garments by weaving wearable organic light emitting devices (OLED) to be woven into elastic.

Emma Shipley, Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, Marven & Desa Deri

British fashion illustrator Emma Shipley, well known for her scarf designs, branched out into a new product category to create a range of bags. The range included both luxuriously woven and exquisitely etched leather pieces.

G + N & Centexbel

Rotterdam-based fashion design studio G+N has worked alongside Belgian textile research centre Centexbel, and adopted industrialised methodologies to enhance their concept of glue bonded jeans.

Glithero & Seifert and Skinner

Anglo-Dutch design studio Glithero collaborated with Belgian manufacturer Seifert & Skinner, renowned for their ‘ultimate filament winding’, to produce a range of structural lamps based on the idea of capturing forms mid-way through the creation process.

Granorte & Elisabeth Vidal

Portuguese cork manufacturer Granorte came together with French interior designer Elisabeth Vidal to create new cork wall units for interiors.

Hermione de Paula & Mitica

British fashion designer Hermione de Paula used her talents to fulfil a long held desire to create her own line of lingerie. Working with renowned Italian lingerie manufacturer Mitica, a charming line has been created using fabric which features Hermione’s romantic floral designs.

Jacquemus & 247 INNOVA 24H

French womenswear fashion designer Jacquemus and Spanish leather accessories manufacturers 247 INNOVA 24H have partnered to create a line of shoes and leather bags.

James Long & DA.MA. Pelleteria

Menswear designer James Long has realised his desire to create innovative leather accessories for the first time, realising a range including backpacks and bumbags.

Marcha Hüskes & Cervin

French hosiery manufacturer Cervin and Netherlands-based fashion designer Marcha Hüskes have created a capsule collection of fine gauge, high quality knitwear.

Nichole de Carle & Custoitex

Haute lingerie designer Nichole de Carle and Portuguese sportswear manufacturer Custoitex have come together to create a capsule collection of fashion shapewear named ‘Underactive’.

Overgaard + Dyrman & Dagmar Kestner

Copenhagen-based contemporary design studio Overgaard + Dyrman have collaborated with German fashion designer Dagmar Kestner to create a capsule collection of furniture primarily manufactured from material leftovers.

POPKALAB, Phonotonic & Stéphane Gontard

Dutch fashion tech research and development studio POPKALAB have partnered up with French music & technology start-up Phonotonic and French footwear manufacturer Stéphane Gontard, who has an acknowledged experience in shoe making. With Phonotonic’s pioneering ‘sound creation through movement’ technology as a starting point, the partnership has created a pair of multi-tech shoes that interact with the wearer to allow them to create sounds through their own movements.

Reltex & Joanne Stoker

French footwear outer sole manufacturer Reltex and British shoe designer Joanne Stoker have collaborated to create a fashion shoe range produced with natural rubber soles

Roberto Ardigo & Anne Sofie Madsen

Italian fur accessories manufacturer Roberto Ardigo, a leading provider of research and innovation in the assemblage of fur for the industry with over 40 years of experience, has collaborated with Danish fashion designer Anne Sofie Madsen, to produce a capsule fur collection.

Stiftung Finneck, Craft Cooperative & Laurenz Stockner

German disability foundation Stiftung Finneck has come together with a cooperative of furniture designers and metalworker Laurenz Stockner to produce a portable gardening trolley for people with or without constraints in movement.

Studio Ruuger & Essequadro Srl

For the Worth project, Ruuger carried out a process he has coined ‘Collaborative Production’, where he as the designer and Essequadro as the manufacturer both brought equal amounts of skill, knowledge and vision to the development of the new product, which was developed there and then during Ruuger’s visits to the factory.

Teatum Jones & Point d’Esprit

UK based design duo Teatum Jones, known for their modernist approach to textiles, have joined forces with French weaver Point d’Esprit, renowned for their in-depth knowledge and expertise in the area of technical, woven textiles.

Waiting for the Sun & La Paz

Avid surfers and product designers Waiting for the Sun have brought together their passions to create a surfboard created from eco-friendly materials. Working with La Paz, a cutting edge product has been made.

Y.O.U. & Bolflex

Italian shoe designers Y.O.U. (Your Own Universe) have produced a range of shoes with innovative soles in conjunction with Portuguese sole manufacturer Bolflex. Y.O.U. are a youthful menswear shoe brand that combine the urban casual elements of sneakers with a sophisticated contemporary aesthetic and Bolflex are nominated for their constant innovation in technology with only four rubber-pressing machines.

Kokoon & Prisca Vilsbol

British based technology company, Kokoon was created with the intent to create a product that would solve a frustration felt by many in today’s busy world – sleepless nights. Founded by Tim Antos and Richard Hall, Kokoon has worked with sleep experts to create a pair of headphones which use sound to deliver a night of sound sleep and an app to monitor sleep patterns.

Marion Vidal, Toscoveneta & Prisma

French jewellery designer Marion Vidal has collaborated with Italian marble workers Toscoveneta and mechanical engineering company Prisma to produce a line of marble jewellery.

Boulezar & A+Z design

German fashion brand Boulezar has collaborated with Belgian textile manufacturer A+Z Design to create a range of innovative fabrics. Self-professed experts in ‘comfy couture’ and rarely following passing trends, Boulezar seek to create quality, comfortable pieces in luxury materials and have always occupied that difficult space in the market, constantly searching for cutting edge fabrics.

Toogood & Tonak

Creative Directors and Interior Designers Studio Toogood have amalgamated their expertise with that of Czech hat makers, Tonak, to create a bespoke hat range. Turning their hand to headwear, an entirely new territory for the studio, they have developed a new process, involving the manipulation of felt and ribbon, around perpendicular shapes seen in their previous furniture designs.

Andrea Crews & Lunatika

French fun-fashion garment designer and creative agency Andrea Crews and Italian leather manufacturers Lunatika have collaborated to innovate a product category for their business with a range of upcycled leather, urban-inspired items: rucksacks and bumbags with bold monochrome graphics and with an unexpected navy faux-fur covering.

Laulhère & Jungho Geortay

French beret manufacturers Laulhère and Belgian-based fashion designer Jungho Geortay have come together to create a range of men’s fashion berets. Laulhère have been hand crafting military berets for over 175 years and with a little innovation from Geortay have transformed their signature design into a contemporary context, and developed a fashionable menswear range.

Jessie Lecomte & TextielLab

French fashion designer Jessie Lecomte, with Netherlands-based yarn archivists TextielLab have collaborated to produce a fashion knitwear line. Lecomte is renowned for her high-quality fabrics and TextielLab’s expertise lies in the development of inventive knitted yarns.

Samuel Gassmann & Nuovi Gioielli S.r.l.

French jewellery designer Samuel Gassmann has come together with Italian 3D printers Nuovi Gioielli S.r.l. to produce a 3D printed ring using precious metals. Samuel, whose career began in art curation, entered the world of jewellery making when he was researching the history of the button, leading him to design and produce cufflinks. The outcome is a 3D printed signature twin entwined ring wedding band.

Holly Fulton, Sophie Hallette & Lauranne Guyomard

Womenswear and accessories designer Holly Fulton has developed new processes through working with Sophie Hallette – an artisanal lace manufacturer with artistic craftsmanship spanning 150 years and with fabric bonders Lauranne Guyomard, who took the lace, laser cut it and bonded with latex to create an innovative fabric.