WORTH Partners


In a region that once boasted 21 beret factories, Laulhere is the last of them. Established in 1840, Laulhere is today the oldest beret factory in France and the very last of the 21 factories that once drove the economics of the south west region of France.

Laurenz Stockner

In 2003 Laurenz Stockner started work as an artistic iron and metalworker. Laurenz is a one man company with the focus on arts and crafts, based in Brixen, North Italy Half of his work is contract work for architects, designers and artists.

Les Bijoux

Florence-based company Les Bijoux deals with exclusive production of metal fittings for leather goods and clothing. Prototypes are made in real time and are professionally designed for the process of industrialization.


Based in Italy, bag manufacturer Lunatika focus on the traditional techniques of crafting products from the best quality leather, whilst always looking to innovate their techniques and product offering.

Maille Création

Maille Création was founded as a cooperative in 1993 with 26 employees/associates and celebrated its’ 20 years anniversary in 2013, with the clientele, output and annual turnover have increasing substantially with 74 employees / associates.

Marcha Hüskes

Every collection made by Marcha Huskes is a product of passion for craft and fabrics enforced by intelligent design. She creates minimalist beauty: a state in which fit, form and fabric reflect a woman’s attitude, and unleash her pure beauty, inside and out.

Marion Vidal

Following a family tradition, Marion Vidal studied architecture during six years in Paris and Milan. She continued her creative journey at the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where she received her diploma in 2003.


Established over 40 years ago, family business Marven, located in the Riviera del Brenta, manufactures precious and non-precious artistic and artisanal products. The brand MARVEN comes from the merger of the three family members’ names: MARisa, VENicio and ENrico.

Mihai Eminescu Trust

Mihai Eminisescu Trust, based in the Transylvania region, was founded to protect the traditional ways of life carried out in their villages.


Mitica was born from a team of twenty-year-experienced professionals who pride themselves with avant-garde research, design and creation of underwear, lingerie and beachwear collections for men, women and children.


Aniela launched Neffa in 2004, as a way to better express her creativeness and to give her the opportunity to turn her original ideas into surprising products and concepts. Using technology and microbiology, Aniela tries to improve or change the properties of textile.

Nichole de Carle London

Nichole de Carle London is an exclusive brand of luxury lingerie and swimwear, defined by its rich tastes, innovative stylistic signature and fine craftsmanship. Quintessentially British, the designer Nichole de Carle uses her rich cultural heritage to define the values of quality and skill of her ancestors.

Nuovi Gioielli

The Nuovi Gioielli company, located in Mussolente, was founded in 1985 on the initiative of Ivano Torresan and Giovanni Berton. The spirit of traditional craft fused with cutting-edge design has created the exciting new concepts of Nuovi Gioielli Made in Italy.


Phonotonic develops smart musical objects. Their first product is a new way for everyone to make music. It is easy, personal and fun. The product is a wearable and an app that turns movement into music. It enables to control the beat and the melody just by moving. Phonotonic changes today the way we make, listen and enjoy music.

Point d’Esprit

Based in France, Point d’Esprit are manufacturers of innovative fabrics and lace. Their innovative production techniques allow them to push the boundaries of technology when creating new fabrics.


POPKALAB is a design research studio with a focus on innovation in the field of wearable technology. Wearables are transforming the way we communicate. Clothes are becoming a key interface for graphic and kinetic expression and conforming to our moods and feelings – they become intelligent.

Prisma Srl

Prisma is a precision mechanical engineering company. Collaborating with the Marion Vidal WORTH project, they explored a new sector and developed metallic pieces for jewellery.


Since 1970, RELTEX produces soles made from the pure hevea milk under the brand LACTAE HEVEA. These soles of natural origin are entirely handmade in FRANCE through a unique worldwide craftsmanship.

Roberto Ardigo

Roberto Ardigo began his company in 1973, producing fur products for private customers. From 2000 onwards, they have specialised in the production of fur accessories and today work with some of the most important fashion companies in the world.

Samuel Gassmann

Samuel Gassmann 
Born in 1974 in Paris, France, to an artistic family (his father was a photographer, and mother a painter). After studying Art History at La Sorbonne, he began working as a curator for numerous contemporary art exhibitions and as a freelance journalist for Arte's Metropolis magazine.

Seifert and Skinner

Seifert and Skinner are experts in filament winding, composite pressure vessels and composite product design and development. Based in Belgium, founders Axel Seifert and Michael Skinner are experts in the field.

Smart Fit-In

Smart-Fit-In is an international, cross-industry communication network between researchers, manufacturers and users of innovative, adapted products - clothes, shoes, furniture, accessories - for people with and without movement restrictions.

Stéphane Gontard

Stéphane Gontard, a French bootmaker’s brand since 1835, is driving forward its skills in traditional craftsmanship and French culture by creating modern shoes in line with the values of high quality and authenticity of the Maison

Steve Mono

Steve Mono is a contemporary Spanish brand founded in 2007 by the designer Gonzalo Fonseca based on the idea of reinterpreting classic bags, accessories, and other small leather goods for a modern lifestyle.

Studio Ruuger

Oliver Ruuger hails from Hiiumaa (‘land of the mischievous spirit’), a small island in the Baltic Sea. Growing up in a fishing community, he worked with his hands every day, building toys and trinkets from locally-available objects; a pattern which laid the early foundation for his appreciation of craftsmanship, and his deep affinity for material.

Teatum Jones

Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones are the designers behind the label Teatum Jones. Having trained in Womenswear at Ravensbourne and Central Saint Martinís respectively. Teatum and Jones met whilst working together on menswear and became enamoured with one another’s sense of escapism.

Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua

Luigi Bevilacqua, a family owned business, over recent years has considerably developed both its national and international trade.


The TextielLab is part of the TextielMuseum. This advanced in-house workplace is a major contributor to the museum’s global reputation. The Lab is the museum’s beating heart: a ‘factory’ in the old factory where – just like 100 years ago - the latest techniques are used to develop innovative fabrics and applications.


Tonak, based in Czech Republic, is one of the world’s largest and most prominent manufacturers of headwear with over 200 years’ experience, both in Novy Jicin and Strakonice, coupled with an extensive know-how guarantee and excellence in product quality.


Since 1962 Toscoveneta have been producing marble and granite slabs, tiles and semi-finished products, up to the smallest details of furnishings (such as fireplaces, etc) according to the customer's specifications.

IMO-IMOMEC at Hasselt University

IMO is the Institute for Materials Research of Hasselt University, located at the university campus in Diepenbeek (Province of Limburg, Flanders, Belgium). There is a very close collaboration with IMEC (Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre, Louvain) which local division IMOMEC is housed within the premises of IMO.

Vilsbol de Arce

Prisca Vilsbol is a Copenhagen-based designer working primarily in fashion. With her company Vilsbol de Arce, she creates poetic, sculptural and handcrafted collections. She combines her background as a master pattern-cutter, with her interest in using innovative materials and 3D modelling to enhance the wearable experience.

Waiting for the Sun

Antoine Mocquard and Julien Tual founded WAITING FOR THE SUN eyewear company 5 years ago. Their first target was to create a new wooden technology produced with wood powder, the waste of the timber industry.

YOU Footwear

YOU Footwear (Your Own Universe) was founded in 2011 with Max Bosio the Italian architect and visual designer, a men's footwear collection combining contemporary style, sports and craftsmanship entirely made in Italy.

247 INNOVA 24H

Leather manufacturers, 247 INNOVA 24H, are based in Ubrique, Spain, a city well known for its leather manufacturing. The company was founded in 2011 by Antonio Nunoz, who has more than 30 years’ experience working with leather goods.

James Long

James Long has fast become one of the most sought after design talents in London. With a huge fan base ranging from Alister Mackie Creative Director at Another Man, Luke Day Fashion Director at GQ Style and Lucas Ossendrijver praising James as his favourite young designer, James has certainly made his mark as a designer to watch.


Faye Toogood is a British designer. Her furniture and objects demonstrate a preoccupation with materiality and experimentation. All of her pieces are handmade by small-scale fabricators and traditional artisans, with an honesty to the rawness and irregularity of the chosen material.