Specialist makers

Maille Création

Maille Création was founded as a cooperative in 1993 with 26 employees/associates and celebrated its’ 20 years anniversary in 2013, with the clientele, output and annual turnover have increasing substantially with 74 employees / associates.


Established over 40 years ago, family business Marven, located in the Riviera del Brenta, manufactures precious and non-precious artistic and artisanal products. The brand MARVEN comes from the merger of the three family members’ names: MARisa, VENicio and ENrico.


Mitica was born from a team of twenty-year-experienced professionals who pride themselves with avant-garde research, design and creation of underwear, lingerie and beachwear collections for men, women and children.

Nuovi Gioielli

The Nuovi Gioielli company, located in Mussolente, was founded in 1985 on the initiative of Ivano Torresan and Giovanni Berton. The spirit of traditional craft fused with cutting-edge design has created the exciting new concepts of Nuovi Gioielli Made in Italy.


Phonotonic develops smart musical objects. Their first product is a new way for everyone to make music. It is easy, personal and fun. The product is a wearable and an app that turns movement into music. It enables to control the beat and the melody just by moving. Phonotonic changes today the way we make, listen and enjoy music.

Point d’Esprit

Based in France, Point d’Esprit are manufacturers of innovative fabrics and lace. Their innovative production techniques allow them to push the boundaries of technology when creating new fabrics.

Prisma Srl

Prisma is a precision mechanical engineering company. Collaborating with the Marion Vidal WORTH project, they explored a new sector and developed metallic pieces for jewellery.


Since 1970, RELTEX produces soles made from the pure hevea milk under the brand LACTAE HEVEA. These soles of natural origin are entirely handmade in FRANCE through a unique worldwide craftsmanship.

Roberto Ardigo

Roberto Ardigo began his company in 1973, producing fur products for private customers. From 2000 onwards, they have specialised in the production of fur accessories and today work with some of the most important fashion companies in the world.

Smart Fit-In

Smart-Fit-In is an international, cross-industry communication network between researchers, manufacturers and users of innovative, adapted products - clothes, shoes, furniture, accessories - for people with and without movement restrictions.