Creatives & Designers

Jungho Geortay

Belgian designer Jungho Geortay graduated from IFM and went on to start a very successful career as a designer in his home country. With a primary focus on his own label ‘Saint Paul’, Geortay also works as a freelance designer for famous French brands such as Armorlux and Paul and Joe.

Marcha Hüskes

Every collection made by Marcha Huskes is a product of passion for craft and fabrics enforced by intelligent design. She creates minimalist beauty: a state in which fit, form and fabric reflect a woman’s attitude, and unleash her pure beauty, inside and out.

Marion Vidal

Following a family tradition, Marion Vidal studied architecture during six years in Paris and Milan. She continued her creative journey at the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where she received her diploma in 2003.


Aniela launched Neffa in 2004, as a way to better express her creativeness and to give her the opportunity to turn her original ideas into surprising products and concepts. Using technology and microbiology, Aniela tries to improve or change the properties of textile.

Nichole de Carle London

Nichole de Carle London is an exclusive brand of luxury lingerie and swimwear, defined by its rich tastes, innovative stylistic signature and fine craftsmanship. Quintessentially British, the designer Nichole de Carle uses her rich cultural heritage to define the values of quality and skill of her ancestors.


POPKALAB is a design research studio with a focus on innovation in the field of wearable technology. Wearables are transforming the way we communicate. Clothes are becoming a key interface for graphic and kinetic expression and conforming to our moods and feelings – they become intelligent.

Samuel Gassmann

Samuel Gassmann 
Born in 1974 in Paris, France, to an artistic family (his father was a photographer, and mother a painter). After studying Art History at La Sorbonne, he began working as a curator for numerous contemporary art exhibitions and as a freelance journalist for Arte's Metropolis magazine.

Steve Mono

Steve Mono is a contemporary Spanish brand founded in 2007 by the designer Gonzalo Fonseca based on the idea of reinterpreting classic bags, accessories, and other small leather goods for a modern lifestyle.

Studio Ruuger

Oliver Ruuger hails from Hiiumaa (‘land of the mischievous spirit’), a small island in the Baltic Sea. Growing up in a fishing community, he worked with his hands every day, building toys and trinkets from locally-available objects; a pattern which laid the early foundation for his appreciation of craftsmanship, and his deep affinity for material.

Teatum Jones

Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones are the designers behind the label Teatum Jones. Having trained in Womenswear at Ravensbourne and Central Saint Martinís respectively. Teatum and Jones met whilst working together on menswear and became enamoured with one another’s sense of escapism.